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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
.: Hello there! :.

subject:  Reflection.
location: Bagan Lalang. Sepang, Selangor.
category: Nature.

Last Saturday afternoon after office hour, we headed straight to Bagan Lalang. A local tourist spot if one looking for a good place to eat ikan bakar (grilled fish) by the sea. So while waiting for dinner, we spent our quality time together walking by the beach, admiring small hermit-crabs and jellyfish that trapped between the sands and the sea.

Posted at 06:06 pm by Op

January 19, 2006   03:09 PM PST
nak blasah ako?? .. kan adsense dah kena kick ..hohohohho
January 12, 2006   12:48 PM PST
great horizonal line across the image....beautiful composition and reflection:-)
January 12, 2006   10:27 AM PST
Sidney..come to KL, we'll take you there hehehe...
January 11, 2006   06:02 AM PST
wea: nak kena belasah?! hehe :P
January 11, 2006   12:02 AM PST
omg!!, great shot ...

p/s: may i know her name .. is she taken? lol .. ekkeeke

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