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Sunday, February 05, 2006
.: shiny day :.

subject:  Water-lily.
location: Ochird Garden. Kuala Lumpur.
category: Macro. Nature.

A little bit of photoshop effect to make this water-lily looks bright and strong. Hopefully it will be a hot and sunny weekend for our wet hanging cloths.


Posted at 11:01 am by Op

March 5, 2006   09:22 PM PST
uik ye ke wawa? tak tau lah pulak? bila ek?
February 23, 2006   08:26 AM PST
bukan ke gmbr neh penah jadi pilihan author fp?
February 7, 2006   08:31 AM PST
What a beautiful flower!
This photo is gorgeous!

And thank you so much for your visit on my page!
Have a nice week!
February 7, 2006   05:52 AM PST
nordinr: blom cuba blom tau maaa.... hantar dulu ke LF tu hehe.

tq so much chris+eden :)
February 6, 2006   11:50 PM PST
gerenti aku kalah lagi pada kau Op.
February 6, 2006   11:07 PM PST
great macro here! love that strong color,the composition ,i love it!
February 6, 2006   10:18 AM PST
wow..amazing colors and detail:-)

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